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Pharaohs Bullion Limited are Scotland’s leading business dealing in Gold Jewellery, Gold Coins, Antique Silver and Scrap Gold.  We established our company during the pandemic in July 2020, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Pharaohs Bullion Limited emerged,  a business to help people get what they deserve for their pre-loved items. We are empathetic to how difficult it can be to part with an item which may hold sentimental value. 

At Pharaohs Bullion we ensure that you receive the true value for the item each and every time. Our experts have over 10 years experience and will make sure you get for your items what they are truly worth and deserved. We pay top prices for your scrap gold across Scotland, compared to competitors.

Based in two locations across Scotland, we provide all of our customers with the best prices and outstanding customer service. Offering a professional and personal service that is unique and we will always put our customers and their needs first in everything we do.


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“Know Your Worth”


We specialise in recycling your gold and silver, whether that is finding it a new home or repurposing it, we will buy scrap pieces of gold and silver. We separate our scrap gold and silver to be melted down and refined into reusable grain so the jewellery industry can reuse the metal turning your items into new pieces of jewellery to be loved and enjoyed. 

One of the key benefits for you is that your scrap gold and silver will be recycled at Pharaohs Bullion in some way shape or form and you will get paid the highest price for it. You will also be helping create a very positive and sustainable impact on the environment as this will reduce the amount of gold and silver being mined.

‘Trade the Gold & Silver for Green’


At Pharaoh’s Bullion our aim is to be one of Scotland’s largest gold and silver recyclers, we want Pharaoh’s Bullion name to become a huge advocate for the benefits of recycling scrap jewellery. We believe we have a huge responsibility to care for our planet and to preserve its wildlife for future generations to come. At Pharaoh’s Bullion we hope our efforts to recycle gold and silver items will reduce the amount of mining for metals across the globe. We need everyone to work together to help make these changes possible.

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