Our Mission Statement 

Gold and Silver Recycling 


Pharaohs Bullion are leading gold and silver buyers in Scotland, one of the main aspects of our business is buying scrap gold and silver. When it comes to customers selling scrap gold and silver jewellery it’s not just a case of having it melted down or stored in a bank.  We separate our Scrap Gold and Silver to be melted down and refined into reusable grain so the jewellery industry can reuse the metal therefore turning broken and less desirable items into new pieces of jewellery that customers can enjoy for a lifetime. 


One of the key benefits of selling your scrap Gold, silver, Gold Coins, and unworn jewellery to Pharaohs Bullion is that we will recycle all of it in some way shape of form and pay you the highest price for it. By selling us your items we guarantee that you are making a positive impact because it is reducing the amount of Gold and Silver being mined out of the ground. If everyone kept the jewellery that they do not deem sellable or even throw into landfill it would make a massive impact on the industry and the environment.


The more Gold and Silver we can buy, recycle and or reuse means less Silver and Gold being mined out of our Green Earth. It is our goal to be one of Scotland’s largest recyclers of Gold and Silver and we want everyone to know that Pharoah’s Bullion are huge advocates of the benefits of recycling scrap jewellery. To put the above into perspective our business has recycled over 16 Kilos of Gold and Silver in the last 18 months made up of a mixture of broken, unwanted and unsellable items all recycled back into the jewellery industry making a positive contribution to our environment.


Our Goal is to continue to recycle Gold and Silver in order to reduce the amount of mining for precious metals across the globe.  At Pharaohs Bullion we believe we have a duty to care for our planet, preserve its wildlife, stop deforestation and work together with the people around the globe to preserve our beautiful planet for future generation’s to come.