Our Experience

Providing a Skilled and Sensitive Service

Our experts at Pharaohs Bullion have over a decade’s experience dealing with clients and their gold and silver items. This has informed our compassionate and educated approach to the way we work. 

We understand that customers may want to rid themselves of broken jewellery or silverware or may just be curious about the price of pieces that hold sentimental value. Whatever it may be, Pharaohs Bullion offers an empathetic and considerate service with the best prices guaranteed. 

We truly care and our knowledgeable, skilled team offer a personalised service in Motherwell which makes exchanging your pieces as easy and efficient as possible.


Our Historical Influences


At Pharaohs Bullion, our experience is driven by a real passion for dealing with gold jewellery, gold coins, scrap gold and antique silver. As a Scottish business, our motivation is inspired by a deep fascination with precious metals which is intrinsically linked to Scottish history.

Our Scottish ancestors were among the first to be seduced by the appearance of gold. With its earliest use being from the Iron Age, gold jewellery has been popular for hundreds of years. Discovered in river-beds, stone hammers were used to turn metal into personal adornments. Famous leaders such as Mary Queen of Scots were among those to decorate themselves with these treasured items. 

Scotland has also made use of silver’s captivating qualities. Since the 15th century, highly admired and majestic items were formed out of this metal. As evidenced by an infamous collection of silver pieces, the Norrie’s Law hoard, Medieval Scots produced precious rings, brooches, chains and plaques.  

Pharaohs Bullion, Motherwell, was birthed from our own fascination, as well as the world’s love, for precious metal items. This universal appreciation only grew with advancements in technology and the rate at which they could be produced. 

The Importance of Recycling Precious Metals


As gold and silver increased in popularity, the disastrous impact on our world has worsened. Gold mining alone has a catastrophic effect. It can pollute drinking water and soil, jeopardising human health and the stability of ecosystems. Mining construction can result in deforestation and an increase in gas emissions, dust and sound. This can displace communities and disrupt wildlife. Mine waste can be toxic and include dangerous chemicals such as cyanide, arsenic and mercury. 

Shockingly, the gold produced for just one ring can generate twenty tons of waste. By joining forces and working with us at Pharaoh’s Bullion, we can reduce this and the awful effect the mining industry has on our precious world.  

Pharaohs Bullion has the know-how to melt, refine and transform pieces such as an old, gold necklace into a new piece of luxurious jewellery. In the last eighteen months, we have recycled over sixteen kilos of gold and silver. 

Now, we need help from our Motherwell clients to increase our efforts in giving pre-loved gold and silver a new lease of life.

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Without doubt, gold and silver are precious metals that have captivated people throughout time. Gold is admired for its luxe sheen and malleable composition. Silver is commended for its elegant, reflective appearance and hardiness to withstand corrosion. At Pharaohs Bullion, we value both. 

We appreciate our customers for allowing us to deal with their products. At our primary base in Motherwell, Pharaoh’s Bullion is known as a leading specialist in the buying and recycling of precious metal items. We share this wealth of experience and operate all over Scotland too. 

In comparison to our competitors who usually pay between 80% to 90%, Pharaoh’s Bullion pays as much as 95% for your scrap gold. 

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