At Pharaohs Bullion, we provide reliable and accurate estimates for all of your unwanted silverware. Our dedicated team have more than 10 years of experience and guarantee to offer the very best prices, as well as exceptional service. As one of Scotland’s leading precious metal buyers, our clients have peace of mind that they will be receiving a specialist servicewith a team that has the necessary knowledge and expertise to give the very best advice and recommendations.


If you are looking to sell your silverware in Motherwell, Pharaohs Bullion promises to deliver exceptional service and the very best prices. As one of Scotland’s leading silverware sellers, we can guarantee that we will pay more for your silverware than any of our competitors. We aim to make our service as simple and straightforward as possible for our customers, tailoring our services towards your specific needs.



At our main location in Motherwell, Pharaohs Bullion promises to provide a professional and reliable service for those looking to sell their silverware. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, we aim to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and offer the best possible prices for your silverware. With silver as valuable as it has ever been, having hovered around an all-time high, now is a better time than ever to sell your unwanted silverware.


We take the necessary time and care in identifying what your silverware is worth, this allows us to either give accurate and reliable estimates as well as the best prices across Scotland. As we specialise in precious metals, we have lower overheads compared to competitors such as pawn shops, allowing us to offer the best possible prices for your silverware. A key goal at Pharaohs Bullion is providing a sustainable service. We reuse and recycle your silverware allowing you to feel good about selling to us, knowing that it is helping to reduce the amount of mining for silver.

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