At Pharaohs Bullion our top priority is giving our customers the best possible deals for their unwanted gold jewellery. Our accurate and reliable valuations give customers the peace of mind that they are getting the best price for their jewellery. We understand that selling sentimental items can be difficult, but when using Pharaoahs Bullion our customers know they are receiving accurate valuations with prices that will not be matched anywhere else.

We provide an efficient and professional service that makes the process of selling your gold jewellery as seamless and straightforward as possible. Our personable and friendly approach helps to give our customers clarity throughout the service process. At Pharaohs Bullion we do not have a premise, meaning our overheads are far lower than competitors. This allows us to pay more than competitors like pawn shops, for your gold jewellery.



At our primary base in Motherwell, Pharaohs Bullion Limited promise to pay the very highest prices for any of your gold jewellery in Scotland. We always aim to pay as high as 95% for your gold jewellery compared to the 80 – 90% that many of our competitors look to pay.

If you are looking to sell gold wedding rings in Scotland, then Pharaohs Bullion is the place to go. We deliver an efficient buying service at the very best prices. Our unrivalled pricing ensures that you get the best possible deal when selling your gold jewellery. Alongside our buying services, our experienced experts can provide accurate valuations for any of your jewellery for a small fee. If you need jewellery valuation in Motherwell, Pharaohs Bullion promises to provide a professional and reliable service.


To find out more about our gold coin buying services please feel free to get in touch with one of our experts. We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have. If you require a valuation please get in touch today.

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