At Pharaohs Bullion, we are renowned as trusted gold dealers in Scotland, bringing our knowledge and expertise to further regions of the UK. Our postal service revolutionises the way you sell your gold valuables by ensuring a fast, efficient and secure process. We remove the hassle of travelling; you can now unlock the full value of your gold goods without venturing far.


Established in July 2020 during the pandemic, Pharaohs Bullion was born from the idea of helping people like you receive fair and prompt compensation for your pre-loved gold items. We understand the sentiment and value attached to your gold jewellery, coins, antique silver, and scrap gold. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide a seamless and convenient way to sell gold in Scotland. Our addition of receiving gold and precious metals via post is entirely for our client’s convenience.


Convenience at Your Fingertips


We recognise that your time is valuable, and you may not have the luxury to visit our gold shop in Motherwell in person. This is where our current postal service comes into play. We’ve designed a hassle-free system that allows you to sell your gold goods from anywhere in Scotland or further afield.

Benefits of Choosing Pharaohs Bullion Gold Dealers in Motherwell


We’re proud to offer some of the best rates in Scotland, paying as much as 95% for your scrap gold. That’s significantly more than many of our competitors who typically pay between 80% and 90%. We believe you should receive the maximum value for your precious items.


Pharaohs Bullion is a strong advocate for the benefits of recycling scrap jewellery. By selling your old gold to us, you’re contributing to sustainable practices and helping reduce the need for new mining. As a leading gold dealer in Motherwell, our team possesses extensive knowledge in dealing with various forms of gold and precious metals. You can trust our experts to provide a fair and accurate appraisal of your gold goods.


While our postal service is accessible to clients all over the UK, our physical gold shop is located in Motherwell and a second location in the Scottish capital, making it easy for local residents to visit us for a face-to-face consultation or to discuss your gold-selling needs in person.

We Buy Gold in Motherwell & Nationwide

Whether you’re looking to sell bullion gold, gold coins, or part with your antique jewellery, our specialised postal service ensures a seamless process. Join the countless individuals who have trusted us with their gold transactions, and experience a new standard of excellence in the industry.
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